19 July

Uber driver and 'black taxi driver' fight in the street in 'road rage clash

Significant video has actually captured the minute an Uber driver was repeatedly typed the face by another motorist in an apparent road rage clash. Video footage recorded on a mobile phone shows the Uber driver and another guy, who a witness stated was a black cab driver, wrestling in the street in King’s Cross.

The violence was allegedly sparked by a small crash in between their automobiles near to the British Library. Overlooking the growing line of annoyed motorists in Midland Road, they grapple with each another in the roadway.

The Uber motorist is then pressed to the side of his automobile and hit in the face consistently by the male who is dressed in grey and black in the footage.

Ultimately, they are separated by an innocent bystander.

A traveler in a close-by vehicle filmed the fracas at about 4pm on Friday, June 17. It is unclear from the video that began the battle. Minicab booking app Uber confirmed one of its drivers was involved in the occurrence.

A spokesperson stated in a declaration: We’ve had many reports in recent months from licensed drivers who use our app and have been on the getting end of violent, threatening or challenging behavior from black taxi driver. It’s totally inappropriate and we take it really seriously.

The Uber partner-driver in this video has actually talked to the police about this event and we will help with the investigation. A Metropolitan Police spokesperson stated: Officers attended and a 34-year-old man was jailed on suspicion of assault.

A 49-year-old man received facial injuries.

"Both men were treated at a main London health center for their injuries which were not severe. The 34-year-old was required to a main London police station and subsequently launched on police bail. "He has since addressed bail and been launched without any further action.

Steve McNamara, general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, stated: We’re unsure at this phase that it is absolutely a cab driver involved and we put on to understand what occurred. "Obviously no one wants to see this sort of behavior on our streets: despite who’s included, it’s undesirable and we put on to condone it in any method.